Born in Hokkaido, Japan, Kazu was raised by his grandparents and moved along with them to various locations.

His creative instincts are inspired by nature, Japanese traditional dance, and theatre experiences throughout his childhood. His first play started when he was 7 years old at his elementary school play house as Japanese famous folk tale MITO KOMON (Lord of Mito) as Lord Mito.

He learned Japanese opera and dance from the authentic Japanese groups related to Kabuki clan.

When he was at age 12, his grandfather died of heart disease and he moved to the big city of Sapporo where his father resides.

Then when he was at age 13, he experienced chronic heart attacks at a rare age. His doctor told his grandmother that he wouldn't live to see his 20's.

He started to seek the spiritual path and entered the Catholic Brotherhood of Marian (society of Maria) to fulfill his spiritual needs, and continued his education during the mission.

He moved to Tokyo for a higher education and studied Law and global politics. Several times he went overseas to study the cultures and histories of different countries.

His professors expected him to become a lawyer and eventually a politician in Japan.

At the age of 18, he converted himself to Buddhism and started working with various performers in Tokyo. He combined his traditional dance opera background with some new modern acts and entered the famous comedy clan "Hayashiya" and performed on their stages. After graduating college, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue his graduate degree but after many difficulties changed his path, he started helping a struggling business in Beverly Hills.

Another difficulty hit him hard after 9/11 and he planned to leave the business because of the poor economy. After selling the business, he had a chance to work in the entertainment business with old friends from Japan and found the passion in acting again.

However his all rich Japanese acting background didn't help him get gigs much in Hollywood because of the "stereotypical cast" as being Asian. He found it much easier to be a comedic actor. He is known as a comedy actor but most people don't know of his rich drama education in Japan. His struggle represents the struggle of many other Asian actors in Hollywood.

At the age of 27, Kazu reunited with his biological mother after a lifetime of separation. It happened in Los Angeles with help from some good friends. He didn't even know her name or face before that. It was a heartwarming moment making first contact with his mother.